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Zorro #3

Zorro #3

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- 1st App of Lady Rawhide -

Men Aren't the Only Ones With Dual Identities - Written by Don McGregor. Art by Mike Mayhew, Andy Mushynsky and Hilary Barta. Cover by Adam Hughes. Who is Lady Rawhide? What compels her to don her shocking, leather-clad outfit and become a provocative, whip-wielding demoness of the night? And why does she want to kill Zorro? The answers to those questions...and more...are here in the most surprising Zorro adventure yet. Wait'll you see the steamy bedroom scene between Zorro and Lady Rawhide! Capitan Monasterio is not just levying new taxes -- he's brutally extorting outrageous quantities of money and valuables from everyone in and around Los Angeles. In order to discover the reason behind Monasterio's sudden, seemingly arbitrary actions, Zorro is forced to undertake extraordinary risks. Too late, Zorro discovers that these risks have fatally made him the vulnerable prey to the new, merciless, night-stalking interloper who calls herself Lady Rawhide. A soul-wrenching tragedy has set Lady Rawhide on an implacable quest for vengeance...and it looks like Zorro will be her first victim. 32 pages


*Estimated Grade: VF- - (7.5)

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