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The Uncanny X-Men #300

The Uncanny X-Men #300

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An X-Men Anniversary Spectacular - "Legacies!" Story by Scott Lobdell. Art and cover by John Romita, Jr. And Dan Green. Tired of simply reacting, the X-Men decide to take the fight to their enemies. It's all-out mutant action as the Uncanny X-Men battle Magneto's Acolytes with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance. Plus, Nightcrawler returns to the pages of the X-Men! And, one member of the X-Cast contracts the lethal Legacy Virus! NOTE: An unknown percentage of the print run was produced with the foil design misaligned. We do not differentiate between the two, but any slabbed copies listed here with misaligned foil noted on the label will have that notation in our listings as well. 68 pages


*Estimated Grade: VF/NM - (9.0)

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