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The Amazing Spider-man #260

The Amazing Spider-man #260

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"The Challenge of Hobgoblin!" Script by Tom DeFalco. Pencils by Ron Frenz. Inks by Joe Rubinstein and Brett Breeding. Cover by Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein. The Hobgoblin and the Rose unleash their two-pronged attack on Harry Osborn! The goblin ambushes Harry at his corporate office, while the Rose's henchmen kidnap Liz Osborn and Mary Jane! Auspiciously, the wondrous wall-crawler is close by to lock horns with the Hobgoblin! But who is going to save MJ and Harry's expectant wife? Could it be the Green Goblin?! Stay tuned! Cameo appearances by Aunt May, Betty Brant Leeds, Joe Robertson, J. Jonah Jameson, Susan Richards, Franklin Richards, and the alien symbiote (costume).


*Estimated Grade: VF+ - (8.5)

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