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Iron Man #207 Newsstand

Iron Man #207 Newsstand

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"Heat" Part 1 of 2. Script by Denny O'Neil. Pencils by Mark Bright. Inks by Ian Akin and Brian Garvey. Cover by Mark Bright, Ian Akin, and Brian Garvey. Tony Stark's new space exploration company has its first customer: the Targo Corporation! And Targo would like Iron Man to put an observatory satellite into orbit for them! However there are two things that Shell-Head doesn't know! First, Targo is a front company for Advanced Idea Mechanics! And second, the satellite is actually a powerful microwave radiation weapon! Once the satellite reaches orbit, A.I.M. turns on the weapon and attacks a small Caribbean Island named Boca Caliente! Iron Man desperately wants to help the island's inhabitants, but the death-ray must be knocked out first! Is the Silver Centurion Armor up to the challenge? Cameo appearances by Bethany Cabe, Alex van Tilburg, Clytemnestra Erwin, Jim Rhodes, and Yorgon Tykkio. 32 pages.


*Estimated Grade: VF - (8.0)

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