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Conan The Barbarian #24 Barry Windsor-Smith CBCS 9.0

Conan The Barbarian #24 Barry Windsor-Smith CBCS 9.0

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1st Cover Red Sonja

Cover art by Barry Windsor-Smith. First full Red Sonja story, The Song of Red Sonja, script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Barry Windsor-Smith; setting: Makkalet; Conan and Red Sonja start a bar-fight, bathe in a fountain, scale temple walls, break in and steal a snake-tiara, and fight a magical snake; at the end Sonja tricks Conan, and leaves for Pah-Disha; the Red Sonja story continues in Savage Sword of Conan 1. Final Windsor-Smith art on this title. The art in this issue (at least on page 8, and perhaps elsewhere) was altered without Windsor-Smith's approval. See Marvel Treasury Edition 15 or Savage Sword of Conan 82 for the original version. (The reprint in Conan Saga 8 contains the altered version). In the letters column, Roy Thomas responds and announces Barry Smith's final departure as Conan the Barbarian artist; Incidentally, Roy's responses to R. Benitz and Keith Taylor are mistakenly transposed.

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