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Captain America #396

Captain America #396

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- 1st App of New Jack-O'Lantern -

"Trick or Treat" Guest-starring Thor. Script by Mark Gruenwald. Pencils by Rik Levins. Inks by Danny Bulanadi. Cover by Rik Levins and Danny Bulanadi. Trapped at the bottom of Devil's Lake by Arnim Zola's flour and water creation, the Asgardian avenger and the star-spangled one struggle to break free! But thankfully mighty mjolnir can roll the dough (boy), so the heroes survive for the time being! Later on Cap walks back to Skullhouse and discovers that it's gone! Only the basement remains! The fearless shield-slinger walks down the stairs and finds two more explorers…Jack O'Lantern and Blackwing! And just like that the battle in the basement begins! Cameo appearances by Diamondback, Crossbones, Cutthroat, Machinesmith, Mother Night, Taskmaster, Red Skull, and the Viper. Second Story: "Where to Begin" Script by Mark Gruenwald. Pencils by Larry Alexander. Inks by Dan Panosian. In order to payback Snapdragon; Bad Girls, Inc. needs to borrow one of the Serpent Society's old serpent saucers. So Black Mamba, Impala, and the Asp break into the society's old headquarters to get one! But one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes interferes with their plan! No, not Captain America, how about Sersi! Last $1.00 issue. (Notes: The cover logo features an unusual blue-white-blue color scheme instead of the traditional red-white-blue pattern. This is the only issue in the series to do so.


*Estimated Grade: VF/NM - (9.0)

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