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Batman & Demon One Shot

Batman & Demon One Shot

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Elseworlds one-shot. Something is stalking the streets of Gotham. A mysterious being is brutally slaying the villains that normally prey on the city's innocents ? a supernatural, demonic creature that looks strangely like a bat. Billionaire Bruce Wayne confronts the menace of the "bat-Demon" and learns a shocking secret about himself and those closest to him in BATMAN/DEMON: A TRAGEDY, a dramatic Elseworlds one-shot in the Prestige Format written by Alan Grant (veteran writer of both characters) with lavish painted art by Jim Murray (BATMAN/JUDGE DREDD: DIE LAUGHING). Discovering that not only his beloved manservant Alfred, but even his own memories, cannot be trusted, Wayne uncovers a startling connection between himself and the Demon. When he realizes there is only one way to stop the creature's disturbing murders, will Wayne make the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of Gotham's villains? This project is supported with house ads. BATMAN/DEMON: A TRAGEDY is a 48-page one-shot in the Prestige Format, edited by Dennis O'Neil.


*Estimated Grade: VF/NM - (9.0)

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